Dockers And Demons

Ringsend, Irishtown & Grand Canal Dock Halloween Festival

The Banshee Dance – Music Video

Our story begins when a young girl Salma moves to Ringsend with her dad. She is new to the area and finds it difficult to fit in.

One night while clearing out the attic she finds old Newspaper clippings from 100 years ago about the Irish Women’s Suffrage Movement. Along with this she finds a box that when opened acts as a portal to release Spirits from the past. Margaret Cousins, a Suffragette from 100 years ago appears to her and tells her that she must ‘’ NEVER open the portal when there is a Hunters Moon and a High Tide!’’

On a stormy night Salma opens the box. Outside the moon shines brightly… it is a full Hunters Moon! The tide lashes against the sea front…. a High Tide! This time the portal opens with a wailing and screeching…She has woken the BANSHEE who has been sleeping under Ringsend Bridge for 100 years.

Banshee is appalled by the lack of progress and the lack of respect given to women, the poor and homeless, LGBTQ and ethnic minorities and calls upon the spirits of the dead to help her teach society a lesson and to remind them of the causes for which they fought and died 100 years ago.

Banshee summons all the demons from the past to haunt the area, however she also begins to see the many good things happening in Irishtown and Ringsend. She sees the positive community spirit with leaders, participants and volunteers all doing good deeds for each other. Her rage dissipates as she battles with her negative energy and she transforms into a White Heron; symbol of Hope, Joy and a Celebration of all that is positive in the community.